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How to Choose a Dissertation Topic

A dissertation is something that can’t be written so easily. Of course, you have to do the hard work and write the dissertation to get the degree. The most important and difficult part is to choose the topic. This is the first challenge of the doctoral degree and no doubt a significant decision because this will drive your dissertation, career, and expertise. Chose a topic that is specific so that you can read relevant information about it. Various factors to consider while choosing a dissertation topic such as research interest, its current aspects, how much time you need to take to do your research, how many investigations you need to do, etc.

If you do that part, then the rest of the process will be comparatively easy. However, you have to make a decision carefully. This will not only affect your career but also decide what will be your journey of Ph.D.? Finding a dissertation topic isn’t hard but you can find it if you have already search multiple aspect of different studies. This article comprises tips and tricks on choosing a dissertation topic. Get help from these tips and implement them.

Selecting dissertation topic

There are numerous ways of choosing a dissertation topic. Many professors will suggest you read the literature review. Sometimes you choose it on your own based on your research interest. Following things can consider while choosing for dissertation topic:

  • Research interest

Keep your research interest main priority. It is better to go for those topics that arouse your curiosity. So, it will be exciting for you to write a dissertation. You can also decide topic based on your previous research experience.

  • Any published paper of your

You can read any paper in the field and find the gap in the literature. Also, you can discuss any paper that you like and looks interesting to you. Also, consider having feedback from your professor, they can guide you better. Any previously published paper of yours can also be the topic of your dissertation.

  • Updated information about the topic

It is important to keep yourself updated in your professional field. What is happening, what is the current topic, and what reasons are directed in the paper.

  • Go for search on Google scholar

If you are still not getting any topic, then it is recommended to use google scholar. It will be of great help and find a lot of published paper which will directly take you to the journal.

  • Any recommended topics

In some papers, there will be a section to explore future recommendations. Investigate those areas which create your curiosity and help you to write a dissertation on them.

Ensure that the topic you pick has sufficient information to work from, or that it has not previously been thoroughly explored. If a subject is excessively new, there may not be sufficient examination to pull from while making your paper. On the off chance that the subject has effectively been investigated inside and out, you will most likely be unable to give new speculation and exploration of your own. It is a decent broad principle to utilize research for close to 2 years. Remember that if you use research more seasoned than 2 years, the exploration could be at least 5 years when you complete your exposition and might be altogether outdated.