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On March 24th, organized the March For Our Lives – Dallas in solidarity with more than 800 communities who advocated for common sense gun reforms.

When the NRA held its national convention in Dallas, responded by hosting the Student Organizing Summit (S.O.S.) on May 5-6th with national march leaders from across the country who shared their best practices and lessons learned with student advocates.

On June 2nd, recognized National Gun Violence Awareness Day with the launch of the #WeAreThe97 campaign in support of universal background checks. The campaign’s goal is to identify elected officials who are proud to say “We are the 97%” as well as exposing those elected officials who refuse to stand with their constituents. This 97-day campaign will culminate on September 7th (9/7) with a comprehensive list of elected officials who support and oppose universal background checks heading into the Midterm Elections on November 6th.

We are an organization led by students who have come together and stand united in support of needed political reform. This movement begins with a campaign for common-sense gun control. It ends when we’ve restored the state of our democracy and elected representatives that our country deserves.



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Fellowship Program

Fellowship Program

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